Thursday, September 12, 2013

may 6

Hola! This week has been very interesting. But the great news is, I´m having my first baptism on Saturday at 5pm!! I´m so excited and feel so privileged to have been a part of this miracle. Norma is great! To make a long story short, she had to get a blessing this week because she was feeling really bad. And it was intense! Definitely worked. It was incredible to feel the power of the priesthood work. I´m also preparing 4 other people for baptism later this month.... I hope they all end up working out...

I really love this little place! Even though the ward is only a branch and has a lot of challenges, I´m  really loving it here. I find out my cambio this saturday. AH!! I really doubt I leave Victoria because Hna Anderton and I opened it, so I think i´ll stay here at least another cambio. But who will my next comp be?! I´m hoping for a latina because it would really help me with my language!

Okay, I have a few little tid bits of semi interesting info. my hair goes curly here! Weird, right? I still can´t get over having wavy hair. Also, my blisters have decided to re blister. Thus I have blisters under my blisters. Yes, it hurts. But i´m learning a very valuable lesson. It hurts like crazy to walk, but sitting down hurts worst and prolongs the pain. I´ve decided to zip my mouth and just deal with it because complaining won´t fix it. And the only that will fix it is walking more and even more. Also, it gives my mind something else to think about besides how cold it is! Also, mom you will like this. Chapter 6 of PME was written by elder neal a maxwell. Elder Zwick told us that last week.

I also feel like telling you what happened to me a few nights ago. So guess what? We don´t have rats! But before you get happy about that, just wait. They are so, so, so loud at night. I was talking to a few members about that and apparently that´s completely normal. In fact, they aren´t even called rats. This type of animal is called horean (I have absolutely NO clue how to spell that, I know it´s wrong.) But wesley, from princess bride, had a much better name for them: rodents of unusual size. The members were telling me about this HUGE rats. I thought they were just pulling my leg, but we were walking home from a lesson one night and we SAW ONE in the street. yes indeed, ROUS. fun stuff. So they other night at about 2 they woke me up and I seriously thought someone was in the house they were so loud  (in the walls). So I was just laying there with my feet hurting, I was FREEZING cold, and listening to rats run around the walls. It hit me like a million pounds just how far away from home I was... (kinsey, I envied you and the living conditions you will have!). And to help me from breaking down, I ended up praying for a long, long while. The rats running around in the background must have been the Lord´s way of humbling me. But I feel myself becoming a little deeper and my character becoming a little more solid. I remembered about my ear plugs!! Ha, I thought bought them for a companion that might snore. Little did I know I would need for my dear ROUS!!!

My comp dies this week! So weird. She says when she comes to UT for school this fall she´s going to come up and have dinner with you! Okay, all for now... sending pictures took FOREVER!

Much love,

Hna Ferrell

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