Thursday, September 12, 2013

may 27

Hola mi querida familia! Wow, what a week. I don´t have tons to tell, but mainly a lot, lot, lot of personal growth. First off, my spanish has taken off. It´s like I can feel it just kind of "click". I realized yesterday that I can express just about any thought I have. Now, sometimes I have to explain it the long way because I don´t know tons of vocab, but I can express myself fairly decently.I am so grateful to the Lord for blessing with me with the gift of tongues. And also grateful that He sent me Hna Orozco. We seriously only speak in spanish. There is still SO much room to go. Immense amount of things that I still have to learn in the language, but wow, I can speak in spanish. I can´t believe it. 

I´ve been thinking really deeply this week about a few things. One night I was up for hours with thoughts on my mind. And this might sound really weird, but it´s almost like I can feel my soul and character deepening. I feel a completely new sensation within heart. I don´t know how to describe it, but the phrase coined by CS lewis comes to mind, "the weight of glory." Its kind of like everything is starting to become real. Everything i´ve learned for my whole life is, now, becoming real. The reality of God and Jesus Christ and this plan.... I canfeel it. And it´s chaning me. I´ve realized that it doesn´t magically come in the call, or when you step on the plane, or put on the name tag. It comes from deeply studying the scriptures. It comes tracting hour after hour after hour after hour in the freezing cold having one plan fall after the next. It comes when I´m praying the most intensely I´ve ever prayed before. It comes when we find a family at the end of a long, cold day. I´m not exactly sure what "it" is, but it´s coming slowly to me. 

It´s been a long week of little success. But, like I said, I´ve learned a lot. Also, I´ve learned what a phenomenal privilege it is to be from UT. The capitol of the church! Everyone, when they hear where I´m from, just is in awe that I have been to the SLC temple and general conference multiple times. I was teaching leccion 1 to an investigador last night and he asked where the current prophet was- I told him in UT. And he asked if I´d ever seen the prophet in real life. I said yes, and he said, "you mean that you have actually seen a prophet of God with your own eyes." The spirit was incredibly strong as I testified that yes, I had. And that I knew this was the truth. Ah, I love my mission. 

Other than, not too much to update everyone on. Just lots and lots of contacting. Seriously, we broke our zone´s record for number of contacts in one week. We don´t have anyone progressing right now and it´s really hard. I´ve never worked so dang hard before. And I´ve never had so little results to show for it. The work is really slow right now. But we´re trying to just keep going and keep working to the maximum of our abilities. 

Have so much fun on your trip!! I want to see pictures and get updates! Have a blast! :) I love everyone so much. Can´t believe that my 5 month bday was yesterday. Time is passing... but at the same time, it feels as if I have been a missionary forever. As I immerse myself even more into this work, I feel less and less of a connection to the world. I sure love my life here in South America! The latino Elderes in my zone are teaching me how to play futbol... so hey, I´m picking up some new talents! 

Mucho amor. Ustedes están en mis oraciones. Disfruten su tiempo viajando! 

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