Thursday, September 12, 2013

may 20

Hi everybody! It was so great to talk yesterday. Honestly, it doesn`t really seem real... that you all actually exist! It was wonderful to see everybody. Ah I love you so much. But actually, after talking to you I didn`t feel too trunky. It`s so weird. My emotions are kind of odd. You see, I miss you and I love you. So much. But, not enough to want to come home. YET! Ha, I`m sure the day will come. but for now, I`m loving being a missionary. 

Dad, I forgot to tell you yesterday, I LOVED the pages of the book you sent. So much!! I am so buying that book in 14 months. AH, no, like 13 months. AH! That sounds SHORT! Time is sure passing by... and your letter, dad you`re so sweet! I would die if I got 20 "free" lessons a week. I have to get those by the sweat of my brow here! Ha, well, more like by the freezing of my toes. I`m so proud of the way you and mom are serving in the church. I am so excited to have a life time  of service still left to give to the Lord. I`m seeing more and more that my mission really is only the beggining. And its fairly easy. WELL, ha, NOT exactly true. its super hard. But its harder to be a stake president with 9 kids running several business, a school, and whatever else you are probably doing. It`s great to be fully immersed in service in the kingdom. I hope the Lord always keeps me as busy as possible builing zion here on the Earth for as long as I live. 

But yeah, the only thing I really am in need of is thermal garments. And gum. Haha, siempre chicle. The kind here is gross... I don`t want you guys to have to spend a lot of money on shipping. Mom, yesterday I was writing about your in my journal and I was remembering our New York trip. That was SO stinking fun. Just the two of us in NYC! Remember that one thai place we found in brooklyn? and watching phantom and hanging out at glenn beck studio and walking around central park and museums. That was a good time! We need to that again sometime in the future. I hope you love your trip out east!!!! Be safe. Im still a worrier. But have fun!! I want to see TONS of pictures. And I would love more pictures! I can`t print them but I sure would love to just see them :) Kinsey, I`m so worried about you and your leg. I hope you can still go to Colorado! It would be a bummer to have to get re assigned. What if you don`t go spanish speaking ¿?¿ That would super tragic. Kidding, any place is a good place. It just wouuld be a better place if you were speaking spanish :) Keep me updated! Have a wonderful time in the temple. I know you will. I will be thinking of you on thursday. I wish I could be there for that kins. I really do. Honestly, more than christmas or easter or my bday or any other occasion... but I am there in spirit!!! Write me all about it. Well, you know, as much as you can ;) AH Im so jealous you are going to the tmeple. 

Okay, I wrote all my friends today so I don`t have a ton of time. But I loved being able totalk for an hour yesterday! I love you all so much. Thanks for loving me and for praying for me. Kiss brigham and summer for me!!!!!! They are SO darn cute. Everybody looks great! Kins, you are beautiful (your face looks a TON thinner). Mom, you`re super pretty as always. I`m so grateful that I look so much like you! Ha, dad, that isn`t an insult. You look great too!! And, have you lost weight too¿ You look thinner!! Jackson and jacob, be SMART. You`re both too good looking for your good. Jack, Keep courtney fairbourn at bay till july 14th.... and even then, dude, you don`t a girlfriend. believe me, its only an invitation to DRMA CENTRAL. Which is a completely overated place. ellie, eli, and sabrina all look a lot older too!! MAN family, what`s up with everyone looking so great?¿ 

Alright, I love you all Talk to you in a week. 


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