Thursday, September 12, 2013

may 13

Hey Family!! How are youi? 

It has been an absolutely wonderful week. We had a baptism on Saturday!!! I cannot even describe how incredible it was. I´ve rarely felt the spirit so strong. I LOVE being a missionary. Knowing that I was able to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord and help bring someone to be baptized is just.... there´s not words! Norma is now able to go the Celestial Kingdom. How amazing! I feel so privileged and honored that the Lord is trusting me to be a part of this work. Even if I never baptize anyone else on my mission, she was worth it. SHe is worth every rat, all the rain, the cold, the blisters, everything. I´ve obviously been happy a lot of times in my life! But I have never felt such pure joy as I felt watching Norma be baptized. The words of that scripture kept running through my head, "how great shall be your joy if you shall bring but one soul." So true. Nothing in the world can compare with being a missionary. It´s exauhsting, frustrating, inspiring, and so, so, so wonderful. I´ve never felt the depth of emotions before that I´m experiencing here on my mission. I feel my testimony becoming so much deeper and my conversion stronger and stronger to the Lord. Come what may in life, nothing will slacken my faith in the Lord. Nothing. I don´t care if nothing ever goes my way again, after the things I´ve seen and felt, I will never look back! 

Hermana Anderton left yesterday. It was sad, I cried. She´s going home! Please look her up on facebook and say hi to her for me! Ah I love her. I´m in a temporary trio with hna porter and her companion right now. 

((((DON¨T PUT THIS next part UP ON MY BLOG--- I´m so grateful that I had the trainer I had. Hna Anderton and I were exactly obedient and we worked super hard. I love hna porter and hna catala, her comp, but man, definitely not exactly obedient. They woke up late, started study late, didn´t exercise, and the hardly even planned, and when we were out working they spent so much wasted time in member´s houses and when plans would fall through they´d just walk around... it´s sad. Their trainer was awful. They don´t know how to teaching records or anything. They´ve never touched their area book.. I am SO grateful to have started off my mission running. Hna Anderton was GREAT! I have really good habits thanks to her.)))))))))

mom, your prayer was answered! My new comp is from Mexico!!!!! Her name is Hermana Orosco and she doesn´t speak any English. I talked to her last night on the phone. ANd the good news is I understood everything she said!! Yay! So there´s a slight chance I´ll survive the next cambio. And I´m staying here in Victoria. Ah, cambio calls are super stressful!!! But I¨m a little nervous honestly... I hope she´s nice. ANd that she doesn´t judge me for eating practically only veggies. Guess what? Hna Anderton left me all her work out stuff. before her mission she had typed out a bunch of julian MIchael routines and stuff, and we have been doing them together every morning because it´s WAY to cold to run anymore. ANd she left them for me!! I´m super excited about that. She also left me casi almost of her clothes. I brought way too cute of clothes with me. Ha, I´m definitely morphing into a sister missionary. 

Okay, much love! Kinsey, you are in my prayers with your surgery!!!! Also, would you send me melina´s address?? I don´t know where shés living these days and I have a letter I need to send. Todavía, I haven´t gotten your letters yet. It takes a good month to get stuff!!! It might also have somehting to do with the fact that I´m a good 6 hours away from the mission office right now, so I don´t get mail too frequently. 

Talk to you this Sunday!!! DAD EMAIL ME BACK!!! I love you all :)

Hermana Ferrell 

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