Thursday, September 12, 2013

april 8

Hola Familia!! How are you this week? I´m doing great, especially after conference. We watched it live in the "gringo" room! Haha I was so happy to be able to hear the conference in English! When the prophet first started talking I was just hit with how much my life has changed. I was sitting in south america, wearing a missionary tag, and speaking spanish. ANd not only that, but everything inside my heart is different. Everything. Nothing at all is the same for me. this conference was incredibely powerful for me. I´ve never appreciated anything more than the sound of familar voices. Seriously, the voices of the prophet and apostles were the first familiar thing I´ve heard from home. My love of this church deepened and I felt overwhelmed with the truthfulness of this work! We have a living prophet, how cool is that? AND SOME GREAT NEWS: we had THREE investigadores come to the conference!! ANd they all absolutely loved it. Elder Holland´s talk, man, talk about powerful. Love him. ANd Elder CHristofferson might have just become my favorite with his Les Mis reference. That was great! I also loved L. Tom Perry´s talk. ANd the prophets. And Elaine S. Dalton. She´s one of my role models! COnference was just amazing. One of the highlights of my mission so far!! I got so much specific revelation and answers to so many of my questions. Elder Holland got up to talk, and took a breath, and my comp leaned over to me and said, "i´m scared." Hahah nothing like Elder Holland to smack down doctrine clear as clear can get! 

Anyway, life is great. I´m loving this culture more and more as the time goes by. One of the members in my branch made me a pretty chilean ring yesterday!! It´s so pretty. I´m definitely becoming attached. I just wish I could speak spanish better!! Dad, I wish so bad I could send pictures! THe ciber here is way old fash. Ha, I took a picture of the computers here. They´ve got to be from the 70s or so. Next week I´m taking a trip to Temuco with my zone, so I´ll be able to send pics there! It´s so beautiful here. Everyday I´m out and I think, "wow this is crazy cool." Take the spiritual things out of a mission and it´s the most adventurous cool thing. Put the spiritual back in, and it becomes the most incredible,. spiritual, sacred, beautiful thing. I´m loving being a missionary. 

A few funny things. They cut their lawn here with scissors. No, that is  not a joke!!! I laughed when I saw it for the first time! It takes them HOURS! Go figure...someone needs to send lawn mowers down here. ALong with central heating. OKAY! I´m freezing my fanny off. I thought I was going to this warm south america country. PSYCH! It´s practically antartica. ANd i´m only slightly exaggerating. I have forgotten what it feels like to wake up warm, or sleep warm, or be warm in the mornings. SOmetimes it heats up during the day. Sometimes not. I´m wearing all my warm stuff, my coat, gloves, tights, thermals, and scarfs and I´m still cold. THe worst part? IT¨S ONLY THE BEGINNING OF FALL!!!! My companion laughed at me all cold and said, "just you wait for the winter, you´re gonna die!" Ha, how comforting. I´m a little scared honestly... so, point being, feel free to send me every warm article of clothing you can think of. ANd it´s not just dry cold like it is in utah, it´s humid cold. it gets into the marrow of your bones and... well, let´s just say it´s pretty cold. And it a veces snows here, but during the winter it rains all day pretty much every day. THis week I had my first experience with chilean rain. I´ve never, ever seen it rain like this before. It´s rains SO heavy. It´s crazy!! But the gospel has to be preached, rain or shine...

ANd on this day, I was knocking doors because every single one of our plans had fallen through that day. People were super rude. And we weren´t having any success knocking. Let me paint this picture. It was FREEZING. It was raining BUCKETS. I thought my toes were in danger of being frozen off. It was getting dark. And nobody was out on the streets. I know, weird right? And the whole street that we were on must have had some big issues cause they were VERY mean. And this one lady said (yelled) to us that we were of the devil and just there to spread lies. I bit my tongue, but I was so very, very, very tempted to say,

I´ve come an awful long way to tell a lie. Do you see what I´m doing right now? Do you realize that I´m thousands and thousands of miles away from home? I´ve left all my family, my friends, my country, my house, my way of life, and literally all of my comfort. I´m standing here in the pouring rain and feel like dying. And I´m here for you. I´m not getting paid,. I´m actually paying quite a bit of money to do this. Do you really think I would do that all for a lie? 

It makes me way frustrated, as you can see. But I love the people anyways. I have some awesome investigadores right now and I really have faith that they are going to get baptized soon :) Which would be a miracles! Good thing God is a God of miracles!

I love this gospel. It´s true and I know it. The first time I told the Joseph Smith story, I felt this almost tangible power fill me and fill the room. And every time I tell it, the spirit just rushes to testify of that event. I know that happened. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission!! It´s wonderful.

I love you all!! Thanks for all the support :) 

Hermana Ferrell 

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