Thursday, September 12, 2013

april 29

¡Hola hola! How is everybody?! I´m doing great! This past week has been pretty crazy. But oh, I have no idea how long letters take to get to you... but I´ve sent quite a few your way! Hopefully those come soon. I feel so disconnected from everybody... Kinsey, you´re probably going through the temple soon. Ah I wish I could be there so very much!! Have a beautiful time.I love the temple and miss it super bad. I saw the temple site in Conce, but they haven´t started it yet. Apparently there are 2 pretty big problems. The members don´t pay their tithing here and there aren´t enough priesthood holders to operate it.... so I´m trying to fix that! Ha, the tithing thing is a BIG issue here. 

Fall is really pretty here in Victoria. Trees are changing colors and it´s pretty. Ha, at least I have something pretty to look at while I´m freezing. A member told me that right now on a scale of one to ten of coldness, it´s a 3. So I have a LOT of fun things to look forward to!! I´m learning a lot about just biting my tongue when I feel like complaining and emerging myself into the work. I´ve also learned the best thing to do is just keep going. Sitting down and crying about my frozen joints won´t do anyone any good. It would just make things harder! So, hopefully I´m just becoming more resilient. 

I ate rabbit.  That was different! But it actually tasted pretty good. I tried my very hardest not to think about what I was eating... but.. it was triste. Also, Kate (cousin kate) would love it here. EVERYONE is obsessed with one-D. SO I have a funny story. There was a funeral this week and the stake president asked us to sing like 3 minutes before the funeral started (we were already at the church for a meeting). This stake pres is super.. haha, uh, different. And so hna anderton and I asked him if God Be with you till we meet again would be a good song to sing. He said no, that was too sad and that we needed to sing something more cheerful. So we asked him if he had any ideas... his idea, In all seriousness, was "Si hay gozo en tu corzón." My comp and I looked at each other trying not to laugh and nicely said that we didn´t think that would be exactly appropriate for a funeral. Haha, could you imagine us up there singing si hay gozo en tu corazón at a FUENRAL?! Ha, so funny.

The work is going great. We have a lady (Norma) who is going to baptized in two weeks and 2 other people who hopefully will be baptized the weekend after that!! It´s so wonderful to be a part of all these miracles. I´m loving it! Seeing other people understand the gospel and feel the spirit is amazing. I´m really enjoying it here. Everyday I can feel my conversion growing and I just can´t comprehend how any RM can ever possibly slack off in the church. And going inactive is just completely unacceptable after saying and preaching and praying the way missionaries do. I´m excited for a lifetime of full time service to the Lord!! THe spirit is definitely guiding me and helping me learn. My companion dies in 3 weeks and she´s getting super excited to go home. And it´s got me thinking that I really truly love you all. In fact I think i love you more now than I did a few months ago. And because I love you, I miss your presence. But at the same time (now don´t take this the wrong way), I don´t miss you at all. As in, I wish I could be with you, but not really. Because that means I¨d be done with my mission. But I miss you.. ah it´s complicated. Hopefully you get what I´m saying! The Lord has really blessed me to not be homesick at all. Well, I am homesick for central heating and zupas. That´s it. And I guess the clima is just part of the experience :) 

Well I love you. OH!!!!!!! so I¨m in this lesson and the esposo of my investigador comes in and starts chatting with us. He had a newspaper in his hand and I asked him if anything interesting had happened lately. He casually replies that apparently "yeah actually, the United States  went to war with North Korea today." Um... WHAT?!? My companion and I look at each other with the expression, "yeah, kind of BIG deal." well, after reading the article I deciphered that tensions are high and that nothing has really happened... but ha, I would like an update on my dear country! It´s so weird to be so painfully out of the loop...

Okay, I love you so much! Talk to you later :) Actually, seriously, I´ll talk to you may 25th!! I´m super excited!

Hermana Ferrell 

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