Thursday, September 12, 2013

may 27

Hola mi querida familia! Wow, what a week. I don´t have tons to tell, but mainly a lot, lot, lot of personal growth. First off, my spanish has taken off. It´s like I can feel it just kind of "click". I realized yesterday that I can express just about any thought I have. Now, sometimes I have to explain it the long way because I don´t know tons of vocab, but I can express myself fairly decently.I am so grateful to the Lord for blessing with me with the gift of tongues. And also grateful that He sent me Hna Orozco. We seriously only speak in spanish. There is still SO much room to go. Immense amount of things that I still have to learn in the language, but wow, I can speak in spanish. I can´t believe it. 

I´ve been thinking really deeply this week about a few things. One night I was up for hours with thoughts on my mind. And this might sound really weird, but it´s almost like I can feel my soul and character deepening. I feel a completely new sensation within heart. I don´t know how to describe it, but the phrase coined by CS lewis comes to mind, "the weight of glory." Its kind of like everything is starting to become real. Everything i´ve learned for my whole life is, now, becoming real. The reality of God and Jesus Christ and this plan.... I canfeel it. And it´s chaning me. I´ve realized that it doesn´t magically come in the call, or when you step on the plane, or put on the name tag. It comes from deeply studying the scriptures. It comes tracting hour after hour after hour after hour in the freezing cold having one plan fall after the next. It comes when I´m praying the most intensely I´ve ever prayed before. It comes when we find a family at the end of a long, cold day. I´m not exactly sure what "it" is, but it´s coming slowly to me. 

It´s been a long week of little success. But, like I said, I´ve learned a lot. Also, I´ve learned what a phenomenal privilege it is to be from UT. The capitol of the church! Everyone, when they hear where I´m from, just is in awe that I have been to the SLC temple and general conference multiple times. I was teaching leccion 1 to an investigador last night and he asked where the current prophet was- I told him in UT. And he asked if I´d ever seen the prophet in real life. I said yes, and he said, "you mean that you have actually seen a prophet of God with your own eyes." The spirit was incredibly strong as I testified that yes, I had. And that I knew this was the truth. Ah, I love my mission. 

Other than, not too much to update everyone on. Just lots and lots of contacting. Seriously, we broke our zone´s record for number of contacts in one week. We don´t have anyone progressing right now and it´s really hard. I´ve never worked so dang hard before. And I´ve never had so little results to show for it. The work is really slow right now. But we´re trying to just keep going and keep working to the maximum of our abilities. 

Have so much fun on your trip!! I want to see pictures and get updates! Have a blast! :) I love everyone so much. Can´t believe that my 5 month bday was yesterday. Time is passing... but at the same time, it feels as if I have been a missionary forever. As I immerse myself even more into this work, I feel less and less of a connection to the world. I sure love my life here in South America! The latino Elderes in my zone are teaching me how to play futbol... so hey, I´m picking up some new talents! 

Mucho amor. Ustedes están en mis oraciones. Disfruten su tiempo viajando! 

may 20

Hi everybody! It was so great to talk yesterday. Honestly, it doesn`t really seem real... that you all actually exist! It was wonderful to see everybody. Ah I love you so much. But actually, after talking to you I didn`t feel too trunky. It`s so weird. My emotions are kind of odd. You see, I miss you and I love you. So much. But, not enough to want to come home. YET! Ha, I`m sure the day will come. but for now, I`m loving being a missionary. 

Dad, I forgot to tell you yesterday, I LOVED the pages of the book you sent. So much!! I am so buying that book in 14 months. AH, no, like 13 months. AH! That sounds SHORT! Time is sure passing by... and your letter, dad you`re so sweet! I would die if I got 20 "free" lessons a week. I have to get those by the sweat of my brow here! Ha, well, more like by the freezing of my toes. I`m so proud of the way you and mom are serving in the church. I am so excited to have a life time  of service still left to give to the Lord. I`m seeing more and more that my mission really is only the beggining. And its fairly easy. WELL, ha, NOT exactly true. its super hard. But its harder to be a stake president with 9 kids running several business, a school, and whatever else you are probably doing. It`s great to be fully immersed in service in the kingdom. I hope the Lord always keeps me as busy as possible builing zion here on the Earth for as long as I live. 

But yeah, the only thing I really am in need of is thermal garments. And gum. Haha, siempre chicle. The kind here is gross... I don`t want you guys to have to spend a lot of money on shipping. Mom, yesterday I was writing about your in my journal and I was remembering our New York trip. That was SO stinking fun. Just the two of us in NYC! Remember that one thai place we found in brooklyn? and watching phantom and hanging out at glenn beck studio and walking around central park and museums. That was a good time! We need to that again sometime in the future. I hope you love your trip out east!!!! Be safe. Im still a worrier. But have fun!! I want to see TONS of pictures. And I would love more pictures! I can`t print them but I sure would love to just see them :) Kinsey, I`m so worried about you and your leg. I hope you can still go to Colorado! It would be a bummer to have to get re assigned. What if you don`t go spanish speaking ¿?¿ That would super tragic. Kidding, any place is a good place. It just wouuld be a better place if you were speaking spanish :) Keep me updated! Have a wonderful time in the temple. I know you will. I will be thinking of you on thursday. I wish I could be there for that kins. I really do. Honestly, more than christmas or easter or my bday or any other occasion... but I am there in spirit!!! Write me all about it. Well, you know, as much as you can ;) AH Im so jealous you are going to the tmeple. 

Okay, I wrote all my friends today so I don`t have a ton of time. But I loved being able totalk for an hour yesterday! I love you all so much. Thanks for loving me and for praying for me. Kiss brigham and summer for me!!!!!! They are SO darn cute. Everybody looks great! Kins, you are beautiful (your face looks a TON thinner). Mom, you`re super pretty as always. I`m so grateful that I look so much like you! Ha, dad, that isn`t an insult. You look great too!! And, have you lost weight too¿ You look thinner!! Jackson and jacob, be SMART. You`re both too good looking for your good. Jack, Keep courtney fairbourn at bay till july 14th.... and even then, dude, you don`t a girlfriend. believe me, its only an invitation to DRMA CENTRAL. Which is a completely overated place. ellie, eli, and sabrina all look a lot older too!! MAN family, what`s up with everyone looking so great?¿ 

Alright, I love you all Talk to you in a week. 


may 13

Hey Family!! How are youi? 

It has been an absolutely wonderful week. We had a baptism on Saturday!!! I cannot even describe how incredible it was. I´ve rarely felt the spirit so strong. I LOVE being a missionary. Knowing that I was able to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord and help bring someone to be baptized is just.... there´s not words! Norma is now able to go the Celestial Kingdom. How amazing! I feel so privileged and honored that the Lord is trusting me to be a part of this work. Even if I never baptize anyone else on my mission, she was worth it. SHe is worth every rat, all the rain, the cold, the blisters, everything. I´ve obviously been happy a lot of times in my life! But I have never felt such pure joy as I felt watching Norma be baptized. The words of that scripture kept running through my head, "how great shall be your joy if you shall bring but one soul." So true. Nothing in the world can compare with being a missionary. It´s exauhsting, frustrating, inspiring, and so, so, so wonderful. I´ve never felt the depth of emotions before that I´m experiencing here on my mission. I feel my testimony becoming so much deeper and my conversion stronger and stronger to the Lord. Come what may in life, nothing will slacken my faith in the Lord. Nothing. I don´t care if nothing ever goes my way again, after the things I´ve seen and felt, I will never look back! 

Hermana Anderton left yesterday. It was sad, I cried. She´s going home! Please look her up on facebook and say hi to her for me! Ah I love her. I´m in a temporary trio with hna porter and her companion right now. 

((((DON¨T PUT THIS next part UP ON MY BLOG--- I´m so grateful that I had the trainer I had. Hna Anderton and I were exactly obedient and we worked super hard. I love hna porter and hna catala, her comp, but man, definitely not exactly obedient. They woke up late, started study late, didn´t exercise, and the hardly even planned, and when we were out working they spent so much wasted time in member´s houses and when plans would fall through they´d just walk around... it´s sad. Their trainer was awful. They don´t know how to teaching records or anything. They´ve never touched their area book.. I am SO grateful to have started off my mission running. Hna Anderton was GREAT! I have really good habits thanks to her.)))))))))

mom, your prayer was answered! My new comp is from Mexico!!!!! Her name is Hermana Orosco and she doesn´t speak any English. I talked to her last night on the phone. ANd the good news is I understood everything she said!! Yay! So there´s a slight chance I´ll survive the next cambio. And I´m staying here in Victoria. Ah, cambio calls are super stressful!!! But I¨m a little nervous honestly... I hope she´s nice. ANd that she doesn´t judge me for eating practically only veggies. Guess what? Hna Anderton left me all her work out stuff. before her mission she had typed out a bunch of julian MIchael routines and stuff, and we have been doing them together every morning because it´s WAY to cold to run anymore. ANd she left them for me!! I´m super excited about that. She also left me casi almost of her clothes. I brought way too cute of clothes with me. Ha, I´m definitely morphing into a sister missionary. 

Okay, much love! Kinsey, you are in my prayers with your surgery!!!! Also, would you send me melina´s address?? I don´t know where shés living these days and I have a letter I need to send. Todavía, I haven´t gotten your letters yet. It takes a good month to get stuff!!! It might also have somehting to do with the fact that I´m a good 6 hours away from the mission office right now, so I don´t get mail too frequently. 

Talk to you this Sunday!!! DAD EMAIL ME BACK!!! I love you all :)

Hermana Ferrell 

may 6

Hola! This week has been very interesting. But the great news is, I´m having my first baptism on Saturday at 5pm!! I´m so excited and feel so privileged to have been a part of this miracle. Norma is great! To make a long story short, she had to get a blessing this week because she was feeling really bad. And it was intense! Definitely worked. It was incredible to feel the power of the priesthood work. I´m also preparing 4 other people for baptism later this month.... I hope they all end up working out...

I really love this little place! Even though the ward is only a branch and has a lot of challenges, I´m  really loving it here. I find out my cambio this saturday. AH!! I really doubt I leave Victoria because Hna Anderton and I opened it, so I think i´ll stay here at least another cambio. But who will my next comp be?! I´m hoping for a latina because it would really help me with my language!

Okay, I have a few little tid bits of semi interesting info. my hair goes curly here! Weird, right? I still can´t get over having wavy hair. Also, my blisters have decided to re blister. Thus I have blisters under my blisters. Yes, it hurts. But i´m learning a very valuable lesson. It hurts like crazy to walk, but sitting down hurts worst and prolongs the pain. I´ve decided to zip my mouth and just deal with it because complaining won´t fix it. And the only that will fix it is walking more and even more. Also, it gives my mind something else to think about besides how cold it is! Also, mom you will like this. Chapter 6 of PME was written by elder neal a maxwell. Elder Zwick told us that last week.

I also feel like telling you what happened to me a few nights ago. So guess what? We don´t have rats! But before you get happy about that, just wait. They are so, so, so loud at night. I was talking to a few members about that and apparently that´s completely normal. In fact, they aren´t even called rats. This type of animal is called horean (I have absolutely NO clue how to spell that, I know it´s wrong.) But wesley, from princess bride, had a much better name for them: rodents of unusual size. The members were telling me about this HUGE rats. I thought they were just pulling my leg, but we were walking home from a lesson one night and we SAW ONE in the street. yes indeed, ROUS. fun stuff. So they other night at about 2 they woke me up and I seriously thought someone was in the house they were so loud  (in the walls). So I was just laying there with my feet hurting, I was FREEZING cold, and listening to rats run around the walls. It hit me like a million pounds just how far away from home I was... (kinsey, I envied you and the living conditions you will have!). And to help me from breaking down, I ended up praying for a long, long while. The rats running around in the background must have been the Lord´s way of humbling me. But I feel myself becoming a little deeper and my character becoming a little more solid. I remembered about my ear plugs!! Ha, I thought bought them for a companion that might snore. Little did I know I would need for my dear ROUS!!!

My comp dies this week! So weird. She says when she comes to UT for school this fall she´s going to come up and have dinner with you! Okay, all for now... sending pictures took FOREVER!

Much love,

Hna Ferrell

april 29

¡Hola hola! How is everybody?! I´m doing great! This past week has been pretty crazy. But oh, I have no idea how long letters take to get to you... but I´ve sent quite a few your way! Hopefully those come soon. I feel so disconnected from everybody... Kinsey, you´re probably going through the temple soon. Ah I wish I could be there so very much!! Have a beautiful time.I love the temple and miss it super bad. I saw the temple site in Conce, but they haven´t started it yet. Apparently there are 2 pretty big problems. The members don´t pay their tithing here and there aren´t enough priesthood holders to operate it.... so I´m trying to fix that! Ha, the tithing thing is a BIG issue here. 

Fall is really pretty here in Victoria. Trees are changing colors and it´s pretty. Ha, at least I have something pretty to look at while I´m freezing. A member told me that right now on a scale of one to ten of coldness, it´s a 3. So I have a LOT of fun things to look forward to!! I´m learning a lot about just biting my tongue when I feel like complaining and emerging myself into the work. I´ve also learned the best thing to do is just keep going. Sitting down and crying about my frozen joints won´t do anyone any good. It would just make things harder! So, hopefully I´m just becoming more resilient. 

I ate rabbit.  That was different! But it actually tasted pretty good. I tried my very hardest not to think about what I was eating... but.. it was triste. Also, Kate (cousin kate) would love it here. EVERYONE is obsessed with one-D. SO I have a funny story. There was a funeral this week and the stake president asked us to sing like 3 minutes before the funeral started (we were already at the church for a meeting). This stake pres is super.. haha, uh, different. And so hna anderton and I asked him if God Be with you till we meet again would be a good song to sing. He said no, that was too sad and that we needed to sing something more cheerful. So we asked him if he had any ideas... his idea, In all seriousness, was "Si hay gozo en tu corzón." My comp and I looked at each other trying not to laugh and nicely said that we didn´t think that would be exactly appropriate for a funeral. Haha, could you imagine us up there singing si hay gozo en tu corazón at a FUENRAL?! Ha, so funny.

The work is going great. We have a lady (Norma) who is going to baptized in two weeks and 2 other people who hopefully will be baptized the weekend after that!! It´s so wonderful to be a part of all these miracles. I´m loving it! Seeing other people understand the gospel and feel the spirit is amazing. I´m really enjoying it here. Everyday I can feel my conversion growing and I just can´t comprehend how any RM can ever possibly slack off in the church. And going inactive is just completely unacceptable after saying and preaching and praying the way missionaries do. I´m excited for a lifetime of full time service to the Lord!! THe spirit is definitely guiding me and helping me learn. My companion dies in 3 weeks and she´s getting super excited to go home. And it´s got me thinking that I really truly love you all. In fact I think i love you more now than I did a few months ago. And because I love you, I miss your presence. But at the same time (now don´t take this the wrong way), I don´t miss you at all. As in, I wish I could be with you, but not really. Because that means I¨d be done with my mission. But I miss you.. ah it´s complicated. Hopefully you get what I´m saying! The Lord has really blessed me to not be homesick at all. Well, I am homesick for central heating and zupas. That´s it. And I guess the clima is just part of the experience :) 

Well I love you. OH!!!!!!! so I¨m in this lesson and the esposo of my investigador comes in and starts chatting with us. He had a newspaper in his hand and I asked him if anything interesting had happened lately. He casually replies that apparently "yeah actually, the United States  went to war with North Korea today." Um... WHAT?!? My companion and I look at each other with the expression, "yeah, kind of BIG deal." well, after reading the article I deciphered that tensions are high and that nothing has really happened... but ha, I would like an update on my dear country! It´s so weird to be so painfully out of the loop...

Okay, I love you so much! Talk to you later :) Actually, seriously, I´ll talk to you may 25th!! I´m super excited!

Hermana Ferrell 

april 8

Hola Familia!! How are you this week? I´m doing great, especially after conference. We watched it live in the "gringo" room! Haha I was so happy to be able to hear the conference in English! When the prophet first started talking I was just hit with how much my life has changed. I was sitting in south america, wearing a missionary tag, and speaking spanish. ANd not only that, but everything inside my heart is different. Everything. Nothing at all is the same for me. this conference was incredibely powerful for me. I´ve never appreciated anything more than the sound of familar voices. Seriously, the voices of the prophet and apostles were the first familiar thing I´ve heard from home. My love of this church deepened and I felt overwhelmed with the truthfulness of this work! We have a living prophet, how cool is that? AND SOME GREAT NEWS: we had THREE investigadores come to the conference!! ANd they all absolutely loved it. Elder Holland´s talk, man, talk about powerful. Love him. ANd Elder CHristofferson might have just become my favorite with his Les Mis reference. That was great! I also loved L. Tom Perry´s talk. ANd the prophets. And Elaine S. Dalton. She´s one of my role models! COnference was just amazing. One of the highlights of my mission so far!! I got so much specific revelation and answers to so many of my questions. Elder Holland got up to talk, and took a breath, and my comp leaned over to me and said, "i´m scared." Hahah nothing like Elder Holland to smack down doctrine clear as clear can get! 

Anyway, life is great. I´m loving this culture more and more as the time goes by. One of the members in my branch made me a pretty chilean ring yesterday!! It´s so pretty. I´m definitely becoming attached. I just wish I could speak spanish better!! Dad, I wish so bad I could send pictures! THe ciber here is way old fash. Ha, I took a picture of the computers here. They´ve got to be from the 70s or so. Next week I´m taking a trip to Temuco with my zone, so I´ll be able to send pics there! It´s so beautiful here. Everyday I´m out and I think, "wow this is crazy cool." Take the spiritual things out of a mission and it´s the most adventurous cool thing. Put the spiritual back in, and it becomes the most incredible,. spiritual, sacred, beautiful thing. I´m loving being a missionary. 

A few funny things. They cut their lawn here with scissors. No, that is  not a joke!!! I laughed when I saw it for the first time! It takes them HOURS! Go figure...someone needs to send lawn mowers down here. ALong with central heating. OKAY! I´m freezing my fanny off. I thought I was going to this warm south america country. PSYCH! It´s practically antartica. ANd i´m only slightly exaggerating. I have forgotten what it feels like to wake up warm, or sleep warm, or be warm in the mornings. SOmetimes it heats up during the day. Sometimes not. I´m wearing all my warm stuff, my coat, gloves, tights, thermals, and scarfs and I´m still cold. THe worst part? IT¨S ONLY THE BEGINNING OF FALL!!!! My companion laughed at me all cold and said, "just you wait for the winter, you´re gonna die!" Ha, how comforting. I´m a little scared honestly... so, point being, feel free to send me every warm article of clothing you can think of. ANd it´s not just dry cold like it is in utah, it´s humid cold. it gets into the marrow of your bones and... well, let´s just say it´s pretty cold. And it a veces snows here, but during the winter it rains all day pretty much every day. THis week I had my first experience with chilean rain. I´ve never, ever seen it rain like this before. It´s rains SO heavy. It´s crazy!! But the gospel has to be preached, rain or shine...

ANd on this day, I was knocking doors because every single one of our plans had fallen through that day. People were super rude. And we weren´t having any success knocking. Let me paint this picture. It was FREEZING. It was raining BUCKETS. I thought my toes were in danger of being frozen off. It was getting dark. And nobody was out on the streets. I know, weird right? And the whole street that we were on must have had some big issues cause they were VERY mean. And this one lady said (yelled) to us that we were of the devil and just there to spread lies. I bit my tongue, but I was so very, very, very tempted to say,

I´ve come an awful long way to tell a lie. Do you see what I´m doing right now? Do you realize that I´m thousands and thousands of miles away from home? I´ve left all my family, my friends, my country, my house, my way of life, and literally all of my comfort. I´m standing here in the pouring rain and feel like dying. And I´m here for you. I´m not getting paid,. I´m actually paying quite a bit of money to do this. Do you really think I would do that all for a lie? 

It makes me way frustrated, as you can see. But I love the people anyways. I have some awesome investigadores right now and I really have faith that they are going to get baptized soon :) Which would be a miracles! Good thing God is a God of miracles!

I love this gospel. It´s true and I know it. The first time I told the Joseph Smith story, I felt this almost tangible power fill me and fill the room. And every time I tell it, the spirit just rushes to testify of that event. I know that happened. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission!! It´s wonderful.

I love you all!! Thanks for all the support :) 

Hermana Ferrell