Monday, April 1, 2013

Hermana Ferrell's P-day letter

Hola!! ¿Como est├ín? Family, I´m assuming you´re still in peru! and hopefully having a fantastic time! :) I´m so excited to hear all about your experiences!! I¨m sure you´re having all sorts of adventures. Well, there´s not too much to say about life this week but let me tell you a few things that went down! Right now I´m just mainly excited for all the great things that I hear about from home! Kinsey, I´m still so, so, so thrilled about your call. LET ME KNOW WHERE MISS CARINA GOES! And oh my gosh shay, I´m dying inside right now  because of enthusiasm for you!!! MIERCOLES! AH!!! I wish so bad i could´ve been with you yesterday at your farewell. I was definitely thinking about you. 

First off, I got your easter package!! I loved it. SO much!!! Seriously, it made me incredibely happy. THe himnarios were perfect! I used them yesterday at church and wow they made a huge difference! I shared my cadbury eggs with my district and most of them are natives from peru or argentina, and they absolutely LOVED those. Ha, apparently they don´t make them here in south america! BUt thank you, thank you. I loved getting that. Mom, the quotes-spiritual thoughts that you shared are so great. I marked them and wrote a whole bunch of stuff in my scriptures about those. I especially liked what you sent about following the spirit. 

One of the missionary couples in my zone (the husband), super sick. He somehow caught minigitis. and yeah... right now the prognosis is that he will either die or be paralyzed. Not too great options. Presidente Martinez (my mission pdte) called us the other day and asked us to go and spend the day with them at the hospital. Once again, I am incredibely grateful to be from america. I adore chile, but let´s just say the medical care is not up to par. But, after having been to africa, It´s not the worst I´ve seen. But yeah I got to go to Temuco to be with them and I love that city! Super big and super fun. I had my very first empanada. WONDERFUL! I might have an addiction...

The work is my sector has been super slow. Hna Anderton and I are working our very hardest and this week we started seeing the fruits of that! One of our investigadores came to church!!! YAY!! I really think she will be baptized. It´s great! Other than her, Jessica (such a latin name, right?) we are still working with people helping them to progress. 

So pascua here was very, very interesting. Haha. Wow. The chilenos get quite into it! I never knew such religious fanatiscm (yeah sorry about that spelling) even existed! I mean, wow. THe evangelicals here go straight up crazy. Ha it´s actually kind of funny. We live right in front of a catholic church (an outdoor one) AND an  evangelical one. Not to mention there are evangelical churches on practically ever single corner. THe people like yell their prayers and sway and cry and do all this stuff. So we were in a lesson with this one evangelical lady and we asked her to say the closing prayer. Haha, probably a mistake. We´re kneeling and she´s saying this prayer at the top of her lungs and then she stands up and puts her hands in the air and starts saying ¨GLORIA, GLORIA¨ I´m trying not to laugh.. and then she looks at us, still kneeling, and says, ¨what? Do you not pray like this?¨Yeah, no, not really. So my first pascua in chile was very interesting!

I´m loving all the study I´m able to do. I wish i had hours and hours! This week it´s hit me that I need to become a good missionary. Not merely act and do the things a good missionary does, but become more like the savior. I realized that all our scriptures, church, missions, and all, is worth nothing if we don´t let it change our hearts. If we can´t get the scriptures in us, and into our lives, then what´s the point? THe point of everything is to help people become more like the Lord. Adapt more of his character. And change our hearts. ANd keep progressing and changing until the natural man inside of us is completely gone, swallowed up in Christ. I do´nt want to clock time on my mission card and come home the same person. I want to completely offer everything-- all my heart, my desires, my wishes, my dreams-- everything to the Lord. I´ve consecrated my time, my talents, my efforts, to the Lord. But I realized today that I need to consecrate myself so that I´m completely able to be molded by the Lord. 

Kinsey, this week we´ve been watching a lot of the district (you will come to know this VERY well) and evertime they were in their house like planning or studying or something, we´d pause the dvd and drool over their living conditions. They have REAL desks. Do you even know how nice that would be? And CARPET! I haven´t seen carpet since the mtc. I think I´d die if I saw carpet in a house. OR little things like cutting boards. They don´t exist here!! I´m becoming quite good at improvising! We have new pets! Slugs. Which really aren´t too bad. But they are as big as my hand! It´s ...different. 

Okay I gotta go write some other emails. I love you all so much! 

Hermana Ferrell