Monday, March 11, 2013

Morgans letter form Chile

Hola Family and Friends! How is everyone doing?! mom and dad, I loved your emails. I´ll write you both personal emails back as soon as I´m done with this family-friend one. This week has been an interesting one. No, I don´t have my own house yet. They were supposed to be done with it on thursday, and lets just say this culture isn´t quite as punctual as america. But hopefully we get to move in tomorrow! At least that´s what I´m hoping for. Right now I´m using the stove for a desk. And it´s not really working out! 

OKAY! So I have a good story to start out with. So yesterday. I was at this member´s house for almuerzo (the members feed us almuerzo here 5 times a week- which is the HUGE meal of the day). This lady is a little odd, but nice. And she brings our plates out and it´s mashed potatoes and a bunch (and I mean a BUNCH) of this reallly, really strange looking meat. Yes, it´s time for the typical weird missionary food story and I haven´t been here two weeks! And this family is extremely poor. They live in this shack practically and they have pretty much nothing. They didn´t even eat with us- the parents and their kids just sat there and watched us eat. It was really sad. So I decide to eat the potatoes first because i´m kinda dreading the meat. So I start eating the meat and I want to throw up. I pride myself on liking practically every type of food. But yesterday I found something that I dislike quite a lot. So I´m eating this meat and the little voice inside my head keeps telling me that I really don´t want to know what I´m eating and that I should just ask after I eat. Well, against my better judgment, the words somehow tumble out of my mouth, ¨what kind of meat is this?

My little voice was definitely right this time. I didn´t want to know!! I was eating cow udder. YEAH, COW UDDER. How gross is that?! It was all spongy and rather rubbery. And also, the meat that was twisted up like a donut was the intestine of the cow. There was also sausage which was an additional intestine. Yum. Well at that point I was in the midst of chewing a bite and had to fight with all my might to keep from gagging. My companion caught my eye and kinda raised her eyebrows like "you better eat that". And they were so poor I couldn´t not eat it... so I forced myself to stomach one nasty bite at a time. I was saved when the Hermana left the room for a minute and I put the rest of the meat in my napkin and stashed it in my backpack. Sick nasty. Cow udder. That´s just wrong! 

Kids, take the piano seriously! I forgot to write about this last week. But last sunday was general conference. I´m in the stake center with a bunch of members and I was the only one that could play the piano. Yesterday I had my normal sunday meeting and the branch president was so, so, so grateful I could play the piano. He said that for as long as he can remember they´ve never had a pianist. Ha, and I could definitely tell by the way they sung the opening song! But isn´t that sad? It´s kinda funny though. You know those tiny, pocket size himnos? That´s all the members there have, and it´s all I have. So I was playing the piano out of that!! Good thing I have great eye sight.. also, I have a story of Madalyn Taylor! After Stake Conference two sundays ago an american elder came up to me and asked where I was from and what not. He´s from North Ogden and I was asking if her knew Cragun Liston and natalie campbell. He said they were his really good friends and he asked how I knew them. I said that we had the same piano teacher. And he said, "oh yeah! That really really really hard amazing teacher? No wonder you play so well! Isn´t her name Madalyn Taylor?" Haha I thought that was funny. But thanks to madalyn the people of Chile have a pianist now! 

The organization of the church here is so interesting... I had a meeting with the "ward council" (and I use that name loosely) and man it was eye opening. I´m used to the church being ran in pretty much perfection. Dad, especially with you and the way you run your stake. they don´t even have a computer to organize everything here. They still organize everything by paper! It´s a mess. They branch president is amazing. He´s 26 years old and by far the most organized person in the entire ward council even though they´re all twice his age. And then church on sunday... wow. The don´t have pews. Just plastic chairs for a chapel. In the relief society room they have a print out of the logo. There are pictures hung up throughout the chapel that have been cut out of an ensign and glued onto brightly colored cardstock. But the members are all so sweet. It´s just SO different. Modesty is never talked about here... hahah so almost all of the women were wearing quite interesting things! Which is cool, at least they´re trying! And I visited yw´s for a bit and most of them were in jeans. I´m being so humbled here. I can´t believe what I have at home. I come from the perfect world. I go into people´s houses and see the way the live and the poverty that most of them live in... and I just can´t even picture home honestly. Our house seems like a fairtytale. I just can´t wrap my mind around the fact I ever lived in so much luxury. 

My standard of living has drastically changed. I walked into a member´s home the other day and thought, wow this is a nice house! And then laughed in my head as I realized it was probably 5 times trashier than my glenwood apartment. And I thought that was small and bad! Oh how naive of me... my glenwood apartment would be considered SUPER nice here. I was so, so spoiled. I was laying in bed last night and realized that the house I was living in would be thought to be the very worst in america. but here in chile it´s awesome.

This week has been a little hard honestly. It´s just been rough, not much sucecss... but I´ve been praying and thinking about ways to improve and when I asked my companion about them she said, oh yeah, we should probably be doing that. Um, okay. But it is good I guess. Next week will be better. I love being a missionary. I just want to actually help bring souls to Christ. But I´m working as hard as i can and being exactly obedient... so... I hope good things will come! I love you all. Kinsey, I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR CALL I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah!!! Such an exciting thing. It will be so weird to have you all in peru just one country above me! It´ll be so great to hear ALL about your experiences there!

Mucho amor,

Hermana ferrell