Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hermana Ferrell's latest letter

Greeting Familia and Friends!!! How are you doing this week? Okay, first of all. I loved your package! Thank you so, so, so much. Seriously, packages make so much of a difference here. Kinsey, I wrote you a letter already this morning, but your package was SUCH a hit. Haha all the sisters in my zone thought you were the most awesome thing ever. And you are!! Both of those packages came on the same day when I was having a pretty rough day. So they really made an impact. As always, so many things to say and not enough time! But here goes...

Can you believe I don't leave until the 25th? Good grief I'm ready to go! I'll have been here 10 weeks. That's longer than Shaylee will be here and she's learning Cantonese!! I love the MTC, I really do, but I want to go teach real people with real lives and just real everything! There's this thing they do here at the MTC called TRC and it's where members come in once a week and we teach them a lesson (in Spanish, of course!). It's really great. The lessons are 40 minutes long and I had some really neat experiences this week. The guy we taught was Jake and in his evaluation note he told us that he hadn't felt the spirit that strong in a long time and that he felt his faith was drastically increased in the Savior. That made me feel so good that the spirit was able to touch people's lives through me. Kinsey, you should check out signing up for TRC. With all these new missionaries I'm sure they need a lot more volunteers!

 I had a few Spanish mis-haps this week. One of my "investigadores" wife's name is Charity. Well, the day before I taught him my comp and I had been practicing teach the law of Chastity. In the lesson with this guy, I called his wife Castidad instead of Caridad. Ha, whoops. Also I was posing as an investigador for one of the missionaries in my district (for more practice) and it was like 8 at night and I was tired. I opened the door and met to say, "Hola!!" But instead opened it and said, "Gracias!!!" Hahah, it was a little funny.

Last Wednesday I got to be a host for new sister missionaries! It was so fun. I was assigned to a girl and took her to her room, got her books, and dropped her off at her class. I remember that day for myself so vividly! It was weird to be the experienced "old" one. I'm hosting tomorrow as well! So I'm DEFINITELY on the look for Haley and Kendal! There are a thousand new missionaries coming in tomorrow. Last week there were 750! The growth is CRAZY and just so great that so many people are answering the call to serve. Elder Clayton (from the 70) came and talked to us last week and read a part of Elder Holland's talk from the general conference before last (so April) and Elder Holland called for more missionaries in the upcoming years and months. Who knew that that would really be happening!

Honestly, this week has been pretty hard. I feel like I'm... I don't know. I just feel like I'm still lacking so much and just spinning my wheels. My Spanish is mediocre and so are my teaching abilities... but, we'll see. It's kinda hard sometimes to stay feeling good about yourself when the person that is with you 24/7 is constantly picking you apart. But it's good. It's good. Because at least I'm aware of my weaknesses! I just happened to already be aware that I had a boat load of them... But I'm learning a lot about the promises of the Lord and about faith. Ether 12:27 is kind of my motto.

I'm trying to learn to love the snowy days. Because I've learned that it's only when we're pushed to the very edge of the perimeters of our comfort zones that our abilities are expanded. I wrote this in my letter to Melina last week, but I was thinking about running and how much I wanted to go run outside instead of on the track. It's because the track is monotonous and boring. I actually miss the hills. What's so great about the flats of life? Nothing good in life is flat. Growth happens on the hills. Kins, I loved the quotes you sent me. The master carpenter keeps building our inner mansions, and it hurts. The divine physician keeps working, and it's painful. The master coach tells us to keep running, and it sometimes feels like too much. Eventually the finished product will be good as long as I keep following the plans of the Lord. At least, I have faith in that.

Okay, gotta go. I love you all! Mom, you're letter was sweet. I'm writing you back a real letter. I liked the one sweetheart box ;) But thanks again for the packages! Dad, your emails are so great. I love hearing from my dad, sometimes I just need a dad's letter, you know? I really, really enjoy hearing from you. Ellie and Jackson, you both have letters coming that I wrote this morning! And Kinsey :)

Haley, I'm gonna find you tomorrow!! I'm STOKED to see you!

With all my love,

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