Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Morgan's latest P-day letter!

Family and Friends!! Oh how I love you! It has been a long, but wonderful week. First off, thanks SO much for the package!! I LOVED IT! And it defintiely came on a day when I needed a little bit of love. The zen mix is awesome! Loved that. Seriously, I loved the whole package so I really appreciate the thoughts that went into it :)
Where do I start? Let's see... I got new teachers! One of them teaches in the morning and the other at night. Their names are Hermana Doxey and Hermano Byrd. And they are AWESOME. Just as good, if not better, than Hermano Rodriguez ( my last one). Hermana Doxey is especially amazing. I want to be like her. She's a powerhouse. And I'm really trying to implement her teachings into my lessons. I've already learned so much from her that it's really changed the way I think about missionary work. Hermano Byrd is also great. And I'm loving being taught by them!
Okay, so mom you mentioned Madalyn in your email to me. Haha, she'll get a kick out of what I'm about to say. And yes, this does taste like vinegar, but I am using my piano skills daily here at the MTC. All that time slaving away at the piano... yeah, it's paying off. I've been asked to be the music coordinator for my branch and because I'm one of the few that actually play in my branch I play all of the hymns for Sacrament. I also am accompanying several musical numbers! One of which is Savior, Redeemer of My Soul. The MTC music committee heard me play and asked me to be one of the MTC accompianists.  Yes, for the ENTIRE MTC. So, I could be playing in front of several thousands of missionaries at any point. Kind of nerve racking... but my skill is not going to waste that's for sure! Music is something I'm starting to love here. It's amazing to feel the spirit through music here. The other night the entire MTC audience sang Hope of Israel for one of the opening songs for a devotional. And wow, there have been few times that I have felt the spirit so strong in. All three thousand of us missionaries singing with our whole hearts is really moving.
So I have something to share with you that maybe all of you could benefit from. My personal motto for my mission is "Obey With Exactness." I know there is a real power that comes from being perfectly obedient. I want to obey all the rules and do everything I'm supposed to so that I can be the  very best instrument in the hands of Lord that I can be. I'd like to invite all of you siblings of mine to be do the same. I was reading in Nefi about the difference between he and Laman and Lemuel. The reason that L&L rebelled against their father is because they didn't understand the reason behind the commandments. They thought they came from Lehi and murmured because "they knew not the dealings of God". I look back on my life and wonder why I wasn't more exact. I complained and fought mom and dad so much about  things because I didn't understand the reasons they had rules. I didn't stop and think that mom and dad were just trying to obey the commandments of God. I definitely could have obeyed with more exactness. So maybe think before complaining about rules, and try to understand that they come from God. From the movies you watch to the music you listen to! I know that when we're obedient we can do incredible things. I've been thinking about what Madalyn Taylor taught me about the wedding dress missing a sleeve. Or the 90 percent baked chicken. No one wants to eat or wear stuff like that! I don't want to be a 90 percent committed missionary. I want to be 100 percent all the way obedient to the Lord. And I want to stay that way my whole life! So let's all be completely committed to Lord and decide right now where we stand on keeping the commandments, whether big or small.
I LOVE the temple. It was incredible to go today (and last week). I'm really glad I got to go a lot before my mission. Well, I'm short on time today. I have to go! I love you so much. I know this church is true and that it's the Lord's work! Thanks so much for the letter dad, that really gave me a boost. I'm writing you a letter with many more details! So be expecting that!!!!!
With all the love in the world,
Hermana Morgan Ferrell

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  1. Whoever posts these (is it Ellie?) ...... THANK YOU! I'm so glad to be able to hear from her weekly. Love ya! :)